Adding Style to Your Next Elegant Gathering

When you’re planning a big event, fancy clothes, venue, and scheduling are all necessary components to the evening. Of course how you’re actually getting there is a huge part of it as well. Think about it. It’s the day of your wedding, and every thing is all set and accounted for. Hair’s done, flowers are arranged beautifully, and the groom hasn’t run off yet. The only thing left is the elegant transportation to the venue. That’s right, the limousine is the final piece to the puzzle.

The Limousine Experience

When arriving at a glamorous event in downtown Hartford in one of TLC’s luxury Lincoln limousines you can expect to turn a few heads. All of our limousine rentals come with that added extra care and attention of chilled water and temperate passenger climates. The tinted windows provide the ultimate in privacy and the plush leather seats bring you the best in comfort. Whether it’s your teenager’s senior prom or the wedding you’ve been planning for a year, no classy affair is complete without the added style of a limousine.

6 Passenger Amenities

• Silver or Black Exterior
• Leather Interior
• Seats Up To 6 Comfortably
• Passenger AM-FM, CD Stereo, DVD Player (Silver only)
• Rear Climate Controls
• Mini-Bar Access with Coolers (Black only)
• Water, Ice, and Glasses Available Upon Request

8-9 Passenger Amenities

• Silver, Black, White Exterior
• Leather Interior
• Seats Up To 8 Comfortably (9 in Black)
• Passenger AM-FM, CD Stereo, DVD Player, iPod Dock (White only)
• Rear Climate Controls and Mood Lighting
• Bar Access with Coolers
• Water, Ice, and Glasses Available Upon Request

What our Clients are Saying

I had such a wonderful experience working with Andrew and Frank at TLC. Andrew helped us figure out what vehicle would work best for our group and then Frank was prompt, reliable, and FUN as we drove around on our wine tour. I would recommend them to anyone and use them again – – it was exactly what we needed and at a great price.

— Rena F. – Sharon, CT