Hey there, business man. Need a ride?

We see this all the time. Person gets up in the morning and puts on a well tailored suit, all in preparation for an early flight at the nearby airport to a big meeting in another state. How does this person get there though? Public transportation is always an option, however; it’s not all that classy of a solution. Buses can be crowded too, and the last thing you need is someone to spill their coffee on your good clothes.

The Executive Sedan Experience

These excellent automobiles are the gold-standard in simple luxury. They’re perfect for someone looking for a modest, yet classy transport wherever you may need to go. With the Lincoln commitment to quality and stamp of approval, you are afforded generous leg room and comfort, included with this handsome car’s over-sized rear doors for ease of entry. Speaking of over-sized, how about that deep trunk space? Perfect for easy luggage storage. You’ll find that traveling on business or even just to the airport is no problem in these stylish cars.


• Black, Cream, or White Exterior
• Leather Interior
• Seats 3 Passengers Comfortably
• AM-FM, CD Stereo
• Water and Ice Available Upon Request

What our Clients are Saying

I always use TLC Limousine when I need to head to the airport. Always on-time, professional and ready to deliver, never been disappointed or late for a flight! Great service.

— Brian Y. – Waterbury, CT